Reliable Green Tech Pipe Coating Removal

The Pipe Yard offers effective green decommissioning solutions throughout Western Canada. We convert decommissioned oil and gas pipe and pipelines into reusable repurposed pipe. Unlock the full value of your assets with The Pipe Yard’s cutting edge, environmentally sound, pipe coating removal services. Our modern technology replaces historic pipe cutting and coating removal processes with the most environmentally friendly system in the market to date. 

How does our Pipe Coating Removal Machine work?

We use a stripping technology capable of removing multiple types of coatings. The pipe surface is left clean of all coatings, and the weld can be NDT tested & welded into other value adds. Our technology ensures that your pipe remains certified and can be used across related industries. We process pipe coatings of seamless and ERW weld pipe in addition to all pipe coated between 4'- 16' in diameter and 18'- 64' in length.

We can remove the following coating products:


  • YJ2K and YJ


  • Dual-layer Abrasion Resistant Overcoat (ARO)

  • Dual-layer non-slip fusion bond epoxy coating

  • High-performance powder coating

  • Three-layer Extruded Polyethylene (3LPE) coating

  • Anti-corrosion pipe coating

  • High-density polyethylene

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Polyethylene (PE)

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Associated Corporations

Shawcor is the largest global network of pipeline coating plants. It is a top-tier energy and infrastructure company that offers specialty products and exceptional solutions for oil and gas, fuel, transportation, water and wastewater and other industrial applications. Shawcor offers comprehensive anti-corrosive and flow assurance coating solutions by means of its large variety of factory coatings.

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PERMA-PIPE International Holdings, Inc. is an engineered pipe services company that offers specialty services in leak detection systems, anti-corrosion coatings, insulation solutions, engineering support, containment systems, field service, and custom fabrication. PERMA-PIPE is a fast-growing brand and has a global presence today.

Why Opt for Coating Removal?

Coating removal can be used for the following (re)applications:


Although the percentage of pipeline abandonment in Canada is low, stringent measures are needed to ensure that pipe is abandoned in a safe, environmentally friendly and financially economical way. At The Pipe Yard, we do just that. To achieve this we developed a five-year action plan to reach a CER 2015 milestone which has also been mandated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). The idea is to begin allocating funds for future pipeline abandonment and to address all of its viability. If you are a pipeline company that wants to remove and repurpose abandoned pipe, you can count on us. We provide stripping, lathing, and pipe coating removal services, thereby increasing the asset value for both reusing and scrap.


When fabricating or installing pipelines, pipe bending is an essential step, whether through hot or cold processes. However, coated pipe cannot be bent. The Pipe Yard’s stripping and coating removal services give you the opportunity to perform pipe bending applications once again.


Once we strip your recycled pipe it can be repurposed and reused across various related industry applications, such as construction, piling or transportation infrastructure projects.

To know more about our pipe stripping technology or coating removal services, get in touch with us today.

Pipe Coating Removal

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